Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statements and Updates

From the leadership team on November 5, 2020

Hey Sac Metro Church and Community,

If you have been joining our in-person Outdoor Service on Sundays, then you may have noticed it getting colder in the mornings. As the seasons have moved from Summer to Fall, we are moving our Outdoor Service indoors into the Gym for the foreseeable future. This gives us adequate space to promote healthy behavior reducing the risks of spreading Covid-19.

We will continue to provide our online worship experience as usual during and post-pandemic times, but we want to share some details in an effort to help you be safe and comfortable if you decide to join us in-person on Sundays. 

We realize that there are various levels of comfortability and we want to respect everyone's decisions and do everything we can to continue to facilitate a comfortable worship experience for all.

It is with these thoughts in mind, and the state and county Covid-19 Guidelines, that we are taking the following precautions:

In-Person Worship Guidelines at the Sac Metro Church

  • Practice proper social distancing at all times to keep our church above reproach in compliance with the social distance mandate
  • There will be one-way traffic entering and exiting the gym. Signs will be posted to help you find the entrance and exit doors
  • One person at a time in the bathroom
  • Building & chairs will be sanitized
  • Hand Sanitizers available at all entrance doors
  • Use when you enter, exit, and anytime during worship
  • COVID-19 awareness/reminder signs will be posted at each entrance
  • Chairs will be spaced for family units as well as spacing for single attenders
  • Front and side entrance doors will remain open for ventilation
  • We will be using Sealed Communion packets for Communion
  • No Kingdom Kids
  • Coffee will not be available – please feel free to bring your own (not for sharing)

Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate through these times of change. Hope to see you online or in-person!

In Him,

Sacramento Metro Church


Keith Davis of the Sac Metro Church on March 17, 2020

"Hey guys, it's Keith here and I just wanted to check in with everybody. So the governor just had his press conference [as of March 17, 2020] and it looks like we're going to be in our digital worship mode for a little while. This is unprecedented, this is going to be challenging on us all, so I want to give us a little bit of encouragement.

So James 1 talks about it, we need to consider it a pure joy when we face trials of many kinds of because the testing of our faith will produce perseverance and that perseverance when it's seen through to completion will help us to be mature and complete in Christ.

So let's make sure that we are making the most of this opportunity, that we're taking advantage of the time with our families, that we're not panicking, that we're still being the light of the world to our community and to our neighbors.

I also wanted to say, if there are any of our members that have any needs, please let us know so that we could help out; especially our elderly. We want to make sure that our brothers and sisters that are more mature are being safe. If you guys need groceries, if you guys need anything, let us know. We’re happy to help out! I love you guys, wanted to check in. And stay encouraged. Love you guys take care!"

Dear Family,

We wanted to take a moment to address the heightened awareness and public concerns regarding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Primarily, let's continue to navigate this time of uncertainty in faith through love, not by a spirit of fear. Let us be known as a people who come out from the darkness of isolation and into the light with the hope and resurrection life of Jesus.

That being said, this feels like an unprecedented situation that has been making an impact on our world and our local community. Right now, things are changing day to day. As a church we will do our best to love and care for you, and to keep you informed of changes to our ministries and events as they occur. We are making our best efforts to have an appropriate and balanced approach to COVID-19, and we trust you will do the same for you and your family.

Church Services and Meetings

We are making the difficult, but necessary decision to cancel ALL SERVICES for at least the remainder of the month in order to comply with recent directives from the State of California Department of Public Health and to combat the viral pandemic Covid-19. We have also received verbal direction from one of our members whom is on the front lines as a physician and advisor with the Coronavirus response who has advised us to take this step.

We are canceling ALL MEETINGS of the body: Sunday Services, Midweek Services and Family Group Services. Our goal is to do our part to protect the body of believers as well as obey the governing authorities directive during these unprecedented times.

Facebook Live

In lieu of meeting on Wednesdays for midweeks and Sundays for service during the month of March, we will be providing a lesson via Facebook Live each Wednesday evening and Sunday mornings. We encourage everyone to log in live to the Sac Metro Church’s Facebook Page at

Weekly Giving

We ask that members of our church be proactive in regards to your weekly giving. We will be communicating through your Family Group Leaders, options to give in person. We also encourage you to consider giving through our online giving platform for at least the next few weeks. Go to and click the "Give Now" button on the page to give online.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new online giving platform called Rebel Give. More info will be communicated about that as we get closer. The transition period will include both platforms as we migrate over and help answer any questions as we make the transition.

If You're Feeling Ill

If you or someone in your family is feeling ill, the best way you can love your neighbor is by staying home and taking care of yourselves. We will see you soon!

While it's unclear how long this current challenge will last, we know that we belong to a God who is present with us in every situation. Take a deep breath and feel the life of God inside of you, being assured of the peace that only Jesus can give. Let's continue to be diligent in prayer, to be compelled by compassion, and to be confident in the care of our Heavenly Father.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Ken Chau or one of our leadership team members (Pat Humphreys, Stephen Miller, Steve Wakeman, Jeff Bailey, Frank Perez) by filling out the form below.