Service Team

Agenda - December 8, 2019

Morning Encouragement

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday at church.

We want everyone who walks through our doors to know that this is a safe place and that they are welcomed here.

Please feel emboldened to treat every unfamiliar face as a guest in God's house, greeting them with a warm friendly smile and offering your help to answer any questions they may have from simply where to sit and where the restrooms are to making an open door connection with them that you are here to welcome them personally into God's house.

Your welcoming invitation to a new guest could make all the difference from being an outsider to feeling like they've found a place to belong!

You guys are the best team anywhere and we're grateful for your service today!

Agenda - December 8, 2019

Opening Songs


Lay Me Down


Abner Famoso


Build My Life


Victor Sanchez


Greg McNally

HOPE Offering

Ez'ra Clay




Our God He Is Alive


Simply Obey

by Patrick Humpherys

Closing Song

Glorious Day